Fun to drive, efficiently fueled and packing plenty of value, this year’s Corolla Hatchback is better than ever. Find out why below!


Corolla Hatchback Strikes Back 


The 2019 Corolla Hatchback is one incredibly capable and cool car. “Boring had become a synonym for Corolla. This car changes that completely,” said in their recent roundup of the top cars of 2019. The automobile website found much to praise, from the dynamic driving experience to the cost-cutting fuel economy. With a huge selection of standard features at a fantastically low price, “the Corolla Hatchback is truly desirable.“


A Symphony of Standard Systems 


Where the 2019 Corolla Hatchback shines the most is in how many standard features Toyota has packed inside. According to, “The biggest thing that the Corolla Hatchback absolutely nails is value.” 

The Hatchback sports an 8-inch touchscreen multimedia system as a standard inclusion, which isn’t out of the ordinary. What’s more rare is that both Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa are integrated into the system. Safety measures mount up as well, “including forward automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keep assist and dynamic cruise control.” For such a cheap car, these inclusions are incredible. At “just a hair under $21,000 with destination charges,” the 2019 Corolla Hatchback is a hell of a deal. 


2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

A Healthy Heart


The most apparent upgrade in this year’s Hatchback is the all-new drive train choices. The Hatchback now sports a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine that packs a pretty impressive punch for the price. The engine is capable of up to 168 horsepower at 6600 rpm and 155 pound-feet of torque at 4800 rpm.


A Tale of Two Transmissions


Twin transmission choices team up with the new engine to create a fantastic feeling when driving down the road. Unlike some competitors, the Corolla Hatchback comes in both manual and automatic flavors. The Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) sports a secret weapon: rev-matching technology to help reduce downshift shock. Automatic is provided by the Dynamic Shift-CVT, which Toyota says brings together “the immediate response of a traditional First gear with the efficiency of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).”


Superior Suspension


The Corolla Hatchback rides well thanks to a well-made suspension system. The car sits lower than before, creating a better center of gravity for easier control. Toyota says that the suspension “helps reduce body roll, keeping this Hatchback planted when things get twisty, all while smoothing out the bumps of the everyday drive.” was a big fan of the updated suspension, calling it “firm but sophisticated” and noting that the “dynamics are among the best in this class.” 




Another amazing aspect of this year’s Hatchback is that all of these driving improvements didn’t cost anything when it comes to fuel efficiency. The car is rated for an EPA-estimated 32 mpg in the city, a whopping 42 mpg on the highway, and a combined 36 mpg. According to, that matches the Honda Civic, “the market’s most efficient gas-powered compact sedan.” 


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