In a new head-to-head test from Motor Trend, the 2020 Toyota Supra blew out competition from Porsche and BMW to be crowned sports car champion.


Supra Surprise


In a new, football analogy-laden showdown from Motor Trend, the 2020 Toyota Supra came out victorious against tough competition from two of the biggest giants in the sports car arena.

Motor Trend took the 2020 Toyota Supra out for a test run alongside the Porsche Cayman and BMW M2 Competition and was wowed by the newcomer to the battle.

Motor Trend heaped praise on the 2020 Toyota Supra. Performance was a big win for the Supra, with quick acceleration and well-controlled braking keeping making it a dream. Motor Trend particularly enjoyed the “phenomenal Jekyll and Hyde routine” of the adaptive dampers, as they maintained comfort and compliance when cruising yet switched to stiff and strong with just the press of a button for the Supra went all-out.

Motor Trend also enjoyed the impressive capabilities of the Supra, once they got used to the drive. They noted the Supra demands a certain type of steering and braking, but once their test drivers got the hang of it, they said the Supra became “a Formula Drift champion.” In fact, the author noted the Supra accomplished the longest drift he had ever made on the figure-eight track used for testing.


2020 Toyota Supra Battling it Out


Motor Trend did find one fault in the 2020 Toyota Supra: feel. Reviewers praised the precise steering, saying that it was, “super quick and has absolutely zero dead spots, so every movement you make on the wheel directly translates into precision and accuracy on the road.” However, they did notice more body roll than they would have liked, alongside some side to side weight shifting. Yet this was all they could find fault in, saying that the Supra “lacks the feel of the best sports cars, but that’s its only concession.”

This was a stark difference to the BMW M2, which was described as driving more like a drunk than a drifter. Motor Trend noted their M2 tester blew their braking point twice and ran off the course, something they are known for never doing. They also noted that while the M2’s engine feels far more powerful than the other two cars, it didn’t translate into any increase in performance and may have contributed to the lack of control.

The Porsche Cayman handled much more like the Toyota Supra. Motor Trend described the car as, “confident, measured, and buttoned-down, it’s everything the M2 isn’t.” Yet, they did take issue with understeering, particularly on the figure-eight track. As the article said, “I can’t remember another mid-engine car that so adamantly refuses to rotate.” They also noted that despite the engine appearing to be a winner on paper, in practice the mid-range power was found wanting.


Toyota Touchdown2020 Toyota Supra


Pricing was where the 2020 Toyota Supra stole the show. Despite having essentially identical performance numbers to the M2 and Cayman, the Supra is substantially cheaper. Motor Trend noted that the 2020 Toyota Supra retailed for $57,375 fully loaded, a staggering $10,000 less than the M2 and $15,000 less than the Cayman.

Though the Cayman S offers more power, it falls apart with a price tag of nearly $79,000 to match performance with the Supra. Even if you stripped the M2 and Cayman down to the bare essentials needed for raw performance, they would both ballpark for around $65,000. A fully loaded 2020 Toyota Supra would still manage to crush them by nearly $8,000 and lack no amenities.


While you can’t get behind the wheel of a Supra just yet, contact us today to find out when Toyota of Glendora will roll it out.