In an article from Roadshow, Tim Stevens gave his test drive of the 2020 Toyota Supra a blazing review. Find out what made his wheels spin! 


Return of the King

With the upcoming rebirth of the beloved Toyota Supra just around the corner, the car community is aflame. Since being revealed in January, fans have been itching for more details on the sports car’s fiery capabilities. Thanks to a test drive review from Roadshow, consumers are getting their first taste of what is to come. As Tim Steven reported, “the 2020 Toyota Supra is here, it’s good and I don’t care that it carries a German heart beating inside a German body. You shouldn’t, either.”

Bavarian Blood in Japanese Veins

Stevens’ report started out by addressing the elephant in the room: the new Supra’s German heritage. The 2020 Toyota Supra MkV is being made in Austria this time around, alongside the BMW Z4 it shares most of its internal components and design with.

The big difference between the two cars is tuning. As Stevens’ points out, the years-long development of Supra has been kept so under wraps that Toyota and BMW never shared notes, ensuring both cars retained a distinct personality under the hood. Stevens urged prospective buyers to look past the BMW-style shifter and digital engine sound augmentation to see all the Supra offers under that German outer layer.


2020 Toyota Supra

New vs. Old

Stevens reported that performance-wise, the 2020 Toyota Supra MkV will meet or surpass that of the older MkIV. The iconic 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine of yesterday makes a triumphant return in the 2020 Supra, with a few enhancements. Horsepower has been increased from 321 to 335, as well as a more impressive torque jump from 315 lb.-ft. to 365 in the 2020 edition. Stevens makes note of the impressively increased fuel usage, with the 2020’s 31 mpg versus the measly 22 of the previous Supra, showing Toyota has made great strides in increasing efficiency since the old Supra’s emissions killed it in the United States.

Stevens praised the new engine placement and weight management of the MkV, stating the engine is now pushed back allowing for a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. While some may have worried about modern amenities and safety measures forcing the Supra to pack on some pounds, Stevens notes that the MkV is actually 100 pounds lighter than the automatic MkIV.

Shape and size differ between the two Supras, with the MkV being designed for better control.

Stevens says Toyota shaved off five inches of length and added two inches of width that should be a boon to the car’s handling. To make these changes, Toyota traded out the rear seats of the MkIV for a parcel shelf and exposed strut tower brace, so you won’t be carrying quite as many adoring fans in the newer Supra.

Stevens praised the addition of several standard sports features, such as a limited-slip differential that can fully open or unlock in a fraction of a second. Alongside the LSD, the MkV also sports a standard adaptive suspension and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

One big difference in the MkV is the lack of a manual control transmission option, though Stevens was quick to defend the inclusion of the eight-speed automatic, stating the same ZF unit has shown impressive capabilities in several other performance cars. With the car able to launch from zero to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds and reach 155 mph before hitting the electronic limiter, buyers shouldn’t worry about the missing manual shifting.

2020 Toyota Supra

Road Warrior

The first part of Stevens’ test drive was to take the scenic route through the hills of Virginia where he gave the cruise control a run for its money.

Steven described the ride as comfortable and practical, a must for drivers using the Supra for more mundane day-to-day driving. Stevens was pleasantly surprised to see that the low profile tires didn’t result in the noisy, annoying ride that he had expected.

Stevens further praised the compliant normal-mode suspension, soft seating, mellow exhaust and relaxed transmission. He added that with these features combined with the Supra’s adaptive cruise and active lane-keep assist, long-distance Supra trips should be a breeze.

Track Star

The next destination for Stevens and the Supra was the Shenandoah track. Stevens approved of the inspiring grip provided by the Pilot Super Sports tires on an infamously-uneven asphalt track. He further noted the suspension held up without issue, allowing the Supra to prove master of the demanding course ahead.

Stevens noted that once inside, the Supra’s double-bubble roof offered ample headroom even with a helmet on. However, he did take issue with getting inside, as it proved somewhat difficult due to the low door frame requiring flexibility to tackle with helmet equipped.

Stevens further praised the inclusion of a free track day alongside a membership to the National Auto Sport Association. These bonuses allow drivers to truly take their new Supra to the limit on a course of their choosing, on Toyota’s dime.


2020 Toyota Supra

Sex Appeal

Stevens’ feelings on the interior and exterior appearances was a mixed bag. Positives for the outer look included the sharp shapes and the “vacuum-sealed appearance.” However, Stevens wasn’t a fan of the inclusion of numerous fake air vents and black lines. Interior design, too, left Steven uncertain. While he had no outright complaints, Stevens felt the interior was a tad too reminiscent of the Supra’s new cousins in the BMW family.

Bang for Your Buck

Stevens reported that the 2020 Toyota Supra MkV pricing is set to range from $49,990 on the base Supra 3.0 to $55,250 on the limited Launch Edition. He cautioned that while that may seem a bit too expensive to some prospects, buyers should keep in mind just how positively that compares to the prices of the older Supras. Stevens noted that the iconic MkIV Supra Turbo of 1998 featured a $40,000 price tag, making it a whopping $62,000 in today’s dollars. The 1996 price tag was even worse, at $50,000 (nearly $80,000 after inflation.) With that in mind, the 2020 Supra MkV is a steal.


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