//Louie Miramontes – Talking Shop in our Podcast

Louie Miramontes – Talking Shop in our Podcast

If you need repairs, look no further than Toyota of Glendora’s maintenance magician, Louie Miramontes! In this podcast from April, we talked with Louie about his long career at the dealership. We also took a deep dive into Toyota’s unbeatably fast, efficient and convenient repair process. Give this podcast a listen as you come on down to get your vehicle worked on here at Toyota of Glendora!

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Matt: 00:01 All right. Five. Four. How’s it going, friends and family? I am here with one of the guys from Glendora of Toyota. You’re going to meet him. Real good guy, man. His name is Louie. He’s one of the shop foremen here, correct?
Louie: 00:16 Yes.
Matt: 00:17 All right, Louie. Thanks so much for doing this for us, man.
Louie: 00:19 No problem.
Matt: 00:20 I know you’re always pretty busy. I guess why don’t you go ahead and start telling us a little bit about yourself and what brought you here?
Louie: 00:27 Well, my name is Louie Miramontes. I’ve been here at Toyota Glendora for 22 years. What brought me here? I guess someone found out I was looking for a job, actually.
Matt: 00:39 Nice. All right.
Louie: 00:39 And the service manager called me. And I guess I got the interview. And the rest is history.
Matt: 00:46 Did you have a history at a different dealership before, or?
Louie: 00:49 Yes. I worked at a different dealership for three years. I actually applied at a different dealership, got the job, took my toolbox there, everything, ready to go to start the next day. But when I got home, it was actually Dave Davey the service manager here who called me. And I still to this day don’t know how he got my number. But that happened, so.
Matt: 01:09 Dude, that’s cool. And you’ve been here ever since, over 20 years. Wow. That’s pretty big. So, I mean, just tell us a little bit about the service department here at this dealership and what it’s all about.
Louie: 01:21 So it’s really good. We’re very efficient and very fast. We have a good crew back there. We have a conventional way of working on vehicles. But we also employ Toyota’s proven Toyota TXM process, which basically is a express maintenance, so if you can just imagine kind of a two-man pit crew working on your vehicle. And their process is just tried and true proven. It’s very accurate, and it’s very quick. And it covers the whole vehicle front to back. So you don’t miss anything. And there’s this process of checks so that no errors occur or anything like that.
Matt: 02:02 Nice. Okay. Because one of the things before we actually started working with this dealership, we did a little bit of searching up things ourselves, reviews, things like that. And there’s been a lot of reviews out there that talk about just the speed of your service department. I’ve been out here maybe a few months now, and I’ve just observed what’s going on in the shop. And you start off with, let’s just say – I don’t know – eight people in the waiting room waiting for some service. And then you guys also have that whole Lyft thing. And some of them may use a Lyft and not even wait. And us, we were like, “Dude, that’s kind of different in itself having that Lyft there for people.” But then we also noticed that out of that eight people that was there, it wouldn’t be too long before they’re gone. So I guess that whole express maintenance is really something that’s catching on, which is great.
Louie: 02:57 Yeah. The whole purpose is to increase– or, yeah, basically increase the customer experience, make it more pleasurable. Everyone hates going to the dealership, right?
Matt: 03:08 For sure.
Louie: 03:09 But if we can get them in and out very quickly, they appreciate that. And now that we use Lyft, we can get them home and pick them up and brought them home. Did you guys hear that?
Matt: 03:20 No, you’re good. You’re good. We couldn’t hear that.
Louie: 03:23 So it eliminates the shuttle van full of people having to wait. If you’re the last person in that van, there’s people inside. It’s kind of annoying. Now, the pickup with Lyft is instantaneous. And, also, the ride back into the dealership, it operates the same way. So people appreciate that and also the fact that they can just go home right away. They don’t have to wait here for hours and hours at the dealership. I think that’s where we differ from other places in that the speed of getting them the cars in and out. And they can use the rest of their day to do whatever they need to do.
Matt: 04:04 Yeah. Yeah. No doubt. Just real quick, I guess one of the questions that would come up a lot online from some people that they listened to the podcast, and then they see some of the blogs and things that come out– some of them have asked me to ask anyone here if you service only Toyotas, or can it be any other vehicle?
Louie: 04:25 So for the most part, it’s Toyota and Lexus because a lot of the models within their product line are similar. So the issue of getting parts and that stuff, sometimes it’s the same. We do work on used cars. So we do work on pretty much anything out there. But, obviously, if it’s a Toyota or Lexus, we’re going to stock those parts. So most of the time, it’s a same-day service.
Matt: 04:51 Dude, that’s amazing. So do you think– I mean, if I have a Toyota or even a Lexus, do I have to actually call in to make an appointment? Can I do this online now, or?
Louie: 05:03 Sure. So we offer that on the website. You can make an appointment. You don’t have to actually call anybody if you don’t want to. But it is better to call just so you can put a name to whoever’s going to greet you here when you get here. But it’s very convenient. You don’t have to. You can do it all on the website as well.
Matt: 05:20 Yeah. So, man, again, the speed of service, the convenience that you guys are offering, I think that’s what keeps these good reviews coming. Do you think there’s anything that customers might be surprised with about your service department at all?
Louie: 05:33 I would have to say probably two things. The warranty that we put on anything that we do, any repair that we perform, it’s warrantied for a whole year, unlimited mileage. So it doesn’t matter how much you drive. And the second thing I’ll probably say is price. Most people have the notion that it’s always going to be more expensive at the dealership. But if you actually compare what you’re getting and the warranty and everything that comes along with it and the factory support, sometimes it’s even cheaper at the dealership. A lot of times, people take their vehicle somewhere else, and there’s problems. And, eventually, they end up making their way back to the dealership. And then they ask how much the repair would have been, and we were cheaper. And it’s frustrating for them. They should have brought it here to begin with.
Matt: 06:24 Dude, not to mention those warranties. Those warranties are great. So it doesn’t matter how many miles you put on your vehicle after a service. That’s brilliant, man. And it’s not too much since you guys are doing wrong, to be honest. It’s just that whole different feeling. You come in here and– actually, this morning, man, just– I guess I’ll just say this for the people listening. Charlie Park, who’s head honcho, he’s actually the guy that opened the door for us and welcomed us. So it was really cool. And just everyone here just follows suit, man. And everyone here is just ready to do their work, their job. They do it in a friendly way. And it’s just great for everyone all around. You can totally tell. Is there any advice that you would give any customers right now that are just wanting to maintain their cars, obviously, thinking about prices and things like that? Summer’s coming, so people are trying to save their money up.
Louie: 07:15 Right. So–
Matt: 07:16 But is there any advice you can give them?
Louie: 07:18 Always ask a lot of questions in addition to shopping around. Or once you get here and speaking with someone about price, don’t be afraid to ask them any question you like because a lot of times we have their best interests in mind. And we can recommend – let’s say it does need a bunch of repairs – which one to do first. What’s going to be more cost-effective? Sometimes things overlap. So with a little planning ahead, they can kind of structure that. It ends up saving the customer a lot of money instead of doing a repair today and a repair, let’s say, next month. And then it would have been easier or most cost-effective to do them both at the same time to save money. They can explain that to them.
Matt: 08:01 Okay. Okay. Yeah. So everyone, don’t be afraid to ask those questions. I believe even if you have questions about service, you might also be able to find out online. I know you have that chat box feature.
Louie: 08:15 Right. I believe on the website, there’s that feature also. So maybe it’s after hours or whatever. So that’s there for their convenience as well. They can ask whatever question, and then we’ll get back to them.
Matt: 08:25 Perfect. There you go. You’ve got the express so that way they can get in, get out, get their job done. They’re not afraid to answer any questions, guys. So if you have any questions on how you can better maintain your car or even plan out some of the maintenance issues that are coming up in the future, that way you can get your finances right. Any common mistakes that you see people make?
Louie: 08:48 Again, maybe taking it somewhere where maybe that’s not what they specialize in. They’re just a general repair kind of place. And maybe the repair wasn’t performed correctly, and now they’re going to see us anyway. And a good thing about Toyota is they really step up to the plate when it comes to standing behind their product. So a lot of times, you may think you’re out of warranty, the repair, you’re on your own kind of thing. But if you actually look, there’s been so many– there’s been so many what they call warranty enhancements to where sometimes depending on whatever the case may be– your car may have 200,000 miles or whatever the case may be. But Toyota steps in, “Hey, you know what? We’ve seen on this vehicle, for whatever reason, this component tends to fail. Well, guess what? We’re going to cover it for 10 years,” or whatever. So a lot of customers who are not aware of that, they’ll go somewhere else. And they end up paying thousands of dollars for something that would have been covered here at the dealership for free.
Matt: 09:53 Yeah. Wow. Okay. I mean, all that sounds great, man. So, again, listeners, if you’re out there, you’ve heard all the things that Louie has went ahead and shared with us today. And I just want you guys to know that, honestly, they share the same amount of information– this is why we wanted to get someone to speak to everyone here. They share the same amount of information with all of their customers and people that come into the line, whether they’re doing service or just thinking about it. You guys do a great job of that. So now that we understand Toyota really stands by their products, it’s easy to see why all the employees here stand by this dealership and all the work they do. So that’s really all I had today. Listeners, if you’re out there, and if you have any other questions that you need me to bring across and get some answers for you, I’d love to. Go ahead and just share that with us on any of our social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Louie, we’ll go ahead and let you get back to work, man. We do appreciate your time, bro. Thanks a lot.
Louie: 10:51 All right. Thanks.
Matt: 10:52 All right. Take care.
Louie: 10:53 All right. You too.
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