//DJ Bunny – Mixing it Up on our Podcast

DJ Bunny – Mixing it Up on our Podcast

Get ready to jam out, listeners. In this podcast from March, we sat down with the beats-crafting machine and parts-pushing fiend, DJ Bunny. Parts-pushing maverick by day, song-slinging disc jockey by night, DJ Bunny’s story is a tale of two jobs. Find out more about what it is like to be a DJ as well as Bunny’s long career here at Toyota of Glendora!

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DJ Bunny: Oh, we’re going to have to do one more [inaudible].
Background: Let’s do it.
Matt: We’ll get the photo. We can get the photos.
Background: Yeah. Yeah, that was good.
DJ Bunny: Photos first?
Background: Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.
Matt: Oh, because I don’t know– I’m going to need some too. I’m going to need some too.
Background: All right, move the mike. All right, move it, okay. Still. There you go.
Background: Let’s do it.
DJ Bunny: Yeah, okay. All right. In Toyota of Glendora Studios [laughter].
Matt: For real.
Background: Seriously, you’ve got a lot of things up here.
Matt: Okay. Here we go. What’s going on, listeners. It’s Matt with TC, and we are here at Toyota of Glendora here with a very special guest. This guy was actually– I was told I had to speak with this man here. I was told by Charlie Park. You remember last month we had an episode with Charlie and he let me know afterwards that the next time I come around for a podcast, I had to find DJ Bunny, is what he said.
DJ Bunny: Well, DJ Bunny is actually my business. I have a business on the side but I’ve been here– I work in the parts department here at Toyota of Glendora. I’ve been here. Murrey Seidner, he’s the owner here, and I’ve been with him since he broke ground here, and I believe it’s around 1994.
Matt: Oh, wow, okay.
DJ Bunny: But I thank Charlie for throwing out my business [laughter]. So if you guys are looking for a DJ, I do everything.
Matt: We’ll see. We’ll give you some time towards the end to go ahead and plug all your social or anything like that. So you’ve been deejaying. How long were you deejaying?
DJ Bunny: I deejayed back for fun, girls and the party favors back in the day. Probably I was around a DJ in 1979 and I was around a little crew. There was a few– I’m from LA. I grew up in Echo Park, so in Los Angeles, there was a bunch of DJ crews, and there was different types of music. There was the funk, there was the disco– and I’m a part of the LA disco scene. So in the late ’70s, I was part of a crew called Eclipse, and we were around El Sereno, East LA. And back in the day, actually, it wasn’t just two speakers, two turntables and a mixer. It was a stack of speakers and thousands of watts. So we would drag in probably a rack of amps each running about 1,000 watts each with subwoofers and midrange and tweeters, and it took like 10 guys to go set up at each party [laughter]. It was crazy.
DJ Bunny: So what I did, I kind of dabbled in it. Some of you guys who are listening, I couldn’t afford the Pioneer Technics. That was the standard turntable that was out there, and it cost a lot of money. So me being in my late teens, I couldn’t ask my mom to pay for $600 worth of turntables. So I had some belt driven. There is gear driven and belt driven. Anyway, long story short, I borrowed some. I started practicing, and so as soon as I got out of that DJ crew, me and a friend of mine got together and we put some money together, got some turntables, and we started doing house parties. I really didn’t care about the money. It was all about probably the pretty girls that came with it [laughter]. So in the ’80s, I was doing– and I started doing a little bit of promotion, and doing the promotion, that’s where I made the money.
DJ Bunny: I would get some of the top LA DJs. I would get an East LA DJ, a West LA DJ, a South, Central DJ, and a North LA DJ and put them on the same flyer and just ask for a $3 donation at the door. And I think at the time, for alcohol I would just buy cheap alcohol and charge people at the door a dollar to buy the cup or the glass, and I would sell out and it would be thousands of dollars. And they could refill as much as long as we had whatever was left until it was done. So that’s where I made the money, but I was young and didn’t really know the concept of saving. So I was just partying with the money, and I wish I should have had a manager back then [laughter]. I didn’t have a manager. So I kind of dabbled with it, and then just got in the party club scene to all the local clubs in Los Angeles. There was a bunch of them during that time. Every night. Monday was the only night there was nothing going on. Tuesday night, here in West Covina, there was a club called Red Onion. I think the Red– I don’t even know if Red Onion is still around.
Matt: I haven’t heard of it.
DJ Bunny: But yeah, and then Wednesday night was circus disco in Hollywood. Thursday night was a club in Monrovia called Papillon’s, and Friday was cruise night, Saturday, that was cruise night, and Sunday was back to circus. So there was something going on every night throughout the ’80s. So that’s when I was deejaying. And I got married, figured I’ll never, ever deejay again, and in the late ’90s one of my friends from church had a barbecue and she asked me, “Hey, man, weren’t you a DJ back in the day?” I said, “Yeah [laughter].” So she had a big-ole backyard, so she had volleyball and mini diamond of baseball, and I didn’t have any equipment. So what I did was I borrowed a friend’s amp and I borrowed another friend’s speakers, and I borrowed a mixer, and I got two CD players. I couldn’t beat match because it was CD players and I rocked it, man. I killed it.
DJ Bunny: I just remember playing some old school and just cutting it wherever it sounded good, and people danced the whole night. So that kind of– that night I went home, I said, “Hey, man. I’m going to look into deejaying.” And I heard at the time there were CD players that you can play with the pitches. So I didn’t want to go back with the turntables because turntables you have to bring vinyl, and vinyl is just– that’s why they needed 10 guys back in the day. There was crates and crates of vinyl [laughter] and that was a part of it. So I started in 2000– sorry in ’99. One of my tax guys asked me, “Hey, man, did you make any extra money this year?” I go, “Yeah.” He goes, “Hey, man, what did you do?” I said, “I deejayed.” He goes, “Well, how much money did you make?” I said, “I made like 5,000 for the year.” He goes, “Man, you know you can write your car off and you can write off part of your house and you can write off everything you bought?” And so he gave me the idea. He goes, “Why don’t you start a business?” And I started it in 2000 and I’ve been booked–
Matt: Shout out to your tax guy [laughter].
DJ Bunny: Yeah, I’m still with the same dude.
Matt: You should be [laughter].
DJ Bunny: I’m still with the same guy. But when I had kids, young kids, that’s when I was making all that money in returns. Now I have no kids to write off, so [laughter]. So I’m now paying–
Matt: So you’re still spinning them?
DJ Bunny: Yeah. So I have a business djbunny.com. I’m out there pretty much three times a month. I have a day job so it’s kind of difficult sometimes. Like last Saturday I worked here at Toyota. I work some Saturdays, so right after work, I had to go directly to a party. So I worked at Toyota from 7:00 AM to 5:00 and then I deejayed from 7:00 to 12:00 midnight, so. But my wife let me sleep in the next day so it was okay [laughter].
Matt: Shout out to your wife as well. So a little birdie was letting me know there is a phrase that I have to say to you and it should ring a bell. Disco Biscuits [laughter]?
DJ Bunny: Oh. Well, my business I play all sort of music. I’m a mobile DJ. So there is club DJs, there is bedroom DJs, there is mobile DJs, there is guys that just do it for fun. I like all music, all genres of music, man. I like funk, disco– I’m having a hard time with the new hip hop, Drake and Travis Scott and Cardi B, and all the guys that are out right now. It’s really slow BPMs. I’m a high energy guy, like I said, where I’m a disco guy. If any of you guys know the beats per minute, the hip hop that’s out right now, it’s like 60 beats to 80 beats. It’s just slow. The kids love it. I have to play it. One of my sayings goes, “DJ Bunny, music for all occasions.” So I have to be ready for everything. So the Disco Biscuits show, I was involved with a show that was called In Too Deep, and what they did is I hung around with a bunch of deejays that play strictly house music. And just like any other music that becomes classic after a few years, in the late 2000s they had a show called– in the middle of 2000s, a show called In Too Deep, and it was all about deep house, house music.
DJ Bunny: One of my friends used to run the show. So he knew I was a disco guy, so he invited me on the show. He would call it the happy hour. So when they do it, the happy hour on the show was the disco mix. So I used to play the disco happy hour. So it got a lot of good feedback. So after them getting so many calls and emails and saying, “Hey, play more disco,” they just asked me, “Why don’t you go just go ahead and do your own show?” So they asked me and a friend of mine to do an internet show called the Disco Biscuits show. It probably ran from 2008 to 2012. I got really busy being a husband and a parent, so I couldn’t juggle deejaying and work and trying to keep up with business and doing a show. It takes time to do shows. So I let it go with another person, and he took it, and it probably stopped in 2013 or ’14. But the Disco Biscuits show was on, and we played all disco and it was fun, and we had a pretty good audience of all ages from all over the place. I was getting emails from Amsterdam and New York and Vegas. I was getting people from Vegas, and a lot of people would write and say, “Hey, I’m from LA and that’s all my music from back in the day.” It was a Los Angeles thing. But actually, a lot of that old disco is European. Euro disco, Euro music. So a lot of it came from Europe. So Europe is always a step ahead with us. If anybody knows music, man, a lot of people started in the United States and they go to Europe and they blow up. The one that really trips me out is– what’s the guy–?
Matt: David Hasselhoff?
DJ Bunny: Yeah [laughter]. Nobody gave him no love over here, man. And you know who else did, was Jimi Hendrix.
Matt: Really?
DJ Bunny: Jimi Hendrix, my dad seeing him in the ’60s– and anybody who knows rock, Jimi Hendrix, he was a whole another level of playing electric guitar–
Matt: Those riffs were crazy, yeah.
DJ Bunny: And my dad at the time, my dad is like the ’40s music and the ’50s and he was all like, “What the hell is this guy doing?” He didn’t get it. But as you know, that guy was a superstar and unfortunately, drugs take down a lot of people.
Matt: Yeah, that’s tough, man. That’s a tough one. So wow, you’re really well versed in all genres, man.
DJ Bunny: Well, in my business you have to be ready, yeah. There’s been a couple of times I’ve done country weddings. And that’s pretty tough because the bride of that particular wedding said, “Hey, I want all country,” but everybody there was not. And it was pretty predominantly– I want to say the white– I don’t want to say white–
Matt: We could edit that if we need to–
DJ Bunny: It is predominantly Caucasian, and a guy walked up to me and said, “Hey, man, DJ, who picked the music? Or can you change the music [laughter]?” I said, “Well, you go ask the bride.” He goes, “Come with me, man, she’s my cousin.” So I walked over to the bride and he told his cousin, “Hey, man, can we change the music?” So the bride looked up at me and said, “Oh, Bunny, you can play whatever you want.” So I told the guy, “What do you want to hear?” He goes, “Brick House.” So I put on Brick House and it went nuts. So I went into Brick House, Play That Funky Music White Boy, I think I went into KC and the Sunshine Band, Get Down Tonight, Shake Your Booty, and yeah.
Matt: Sounds like a good time, man. You know what, before I get in trouble with my bosses, let me make sure I mention something about here, Toyota of Glendora. So tell me again how long you’ve been here.
DJ Bunny: Oh, I’ve been with Murrey Seidner since he bought the franchise, I want to say in ’93. And I was working for Pete Miller – that was his partner back then – at an Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hyundai, Audi store. So when Murrey purchased the franchise, it was Rodger’s Toyota. Rodgers Toyota was over on Grand and Arrow Highway, and Mr. Rodgers had the store for a long time. So when Miller and Murray Seidner picked it up, I came with that purchase. And so I worked there, I want to say, from ’93. Then they broke ground here in ’94, or we were in ’95. My wife and I had our youngest baby in 1998. So I took a maternity leave. I left here from ’98 to, I want to say, probably 2001 and I came back.
DJ Bunny: So then I went from 2000, 2001 to 2006, and I was deejaying. My wife, she’s an educator, she does well, and she just said, “Hey, why don’t you just come home and do your business?” So I left again in 2006. My wife, around 2009 said, “Hey, man, they gave us teachers, educator–” she got a cut. She goes, “Hey, man, why don’t you go ask your boss over at Toyota of Glendora if there’s any opening?” So I called and I asked my boss, Dave Petrus, he’s the parts manager here, and he said– I called him and said, “Hey, man, call the Toyota reps,” because I knew all the Toyota reps, “tell them that Bunny is in the game again, parts game. See if they have a dealer that’s open.” So he called me right back, said, “Hey, man, just come back here.” So I came back in ’09. That was in ’09, and I’ve been here ever since. So I’ve been on and off. But it’s been a family here. Murrey, I’ve worked outside of the dealer for his wife. I deejayed at one of his birthday parties. Murrey has a few sons and I’ve deejayed for some of his children. And I think I’m a part of the Seidner family because they have used me outside of the–
Matt: They allowed you to come back [laughter].
DJ Bunny: Yeah.
Matt: They’ve never asked you to deejay right out front or something?
DJ Bunny: You know what, we’ve had 10 sales here throughout the years, and I think I probably deejayed here probably once. But we’ve had a lot of company parties and I deejayed a lot of those, Toyota of Glendora parties. But then they got to the point where I think they felt sorry for me. They wanted to party with me. They didn’t want me to be working and partying. And I can juggle those though. I can party and deejay at the same time. And I didn’t mind. But they also use me here for sound. We’ve had 10 sales here and I just provided sound for the company, saved the company some money. Yeah, I’ve done that, so yeah.
DJ Bunny: Cool. So you’re just one of the various people that we’ve met. We just started working with your store last month, so still a fairly new relationship. We went around, got the opportunity to speak to a few people. This is a very unique store.
Matt: Why do you say that?
DJ Bunny: Just the whole– it’s the vibe. It really is. You come through here and I mean, honestly, you get greeted with a smile. And I know that sounds so cliché, but it really is like, “Hey,” like you’re a familiar face. And then we just go around and everyone is just saying, “Hello, how have you been?” It’s almost like we’re just catching up.”
Matt: Well, me being in the parts department. I really don’t have to sell Toyota parts. Toyota parts sells itself because it’s a great product. I’ve been in the business so long where I’ve got to see people buy a ’96 Tacoma, then a 2002 Tacoma, the same person to go back get a 2010 Tacoma. I mean, so there are loyal customers here. I’m a very, I want to say, a personable guy. I want to love on people where they’re at. I’m a relationship builder. People have taken me for being flirtatious. I mean, flirtatious is one thing, but I don’t want to flirt with you. I just want your transaction here at Toyota of Glendora to be pleasant and be like family. I want to treat you like family. I want you to come back. I have a lot of customers that just come back to see me.
DJ Bunny: At one time, I want to say in my career, somebody one day said, “Hey, man, Bunny, I heard you’ve got all the girls over there at Toyota coming and seeing you.” Well, I had to explain to everybody, “Look, they don’t see the people that I’ve been loving on for long– I mean, really making– they’re like family to me, come in here.” You’re not going to see an older lady or an older man. You’re going to see a pretty girl come in here. And so if you see a pretty girl and an old man, well, yeah, it might look that way, but I treat all my customers the same. Like I said, I want to make their transaction here the best that– I want them to go tell people, “Hey, man, go see Bunny.” I give people my personal phone number. If they ever need anything, text me. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I just got a text, and I’ve got to get back to it [laughter].
DJ Bunny: So yeah, I want to treat people like family here, and I want to make sure that their transaction here, no matter what– because you know us dealers, we get a bad name. They always think that we’re trying to get one on and we’re more expensive. Actually, our pricing here is aligned with Toyota’s list price. We don’t escalate any pricing. We keep it where Toyota mark up is. I want to sell you parts that you need, not what you don’t need. I’m going to give you related parts. Say some people want to do a timing belt. Timing belt, with that timing belt there’s other parts that you need. There’s cam sales, crank sales, those are important. A water pump. Maybe you’re not water pumping going out, but you have 200,000 miles on there and all that stuff is going to be opened up. You might as well change it. But that’s up to the customer if they want to do it. I can just provide information–
Matt: You just give them the knowledge, yeah.
DJ Bunny: — and you want to go with it and I’m not pushing you, you just–
Matt: It’s everything that you just explained that sets you guys apart, man. You asked me and you just answered it. So everyone really appreciates you. I’ve heard, man, not just from Charlie, but it’s been word like, “Get the guy with the mustache [laughter].” So I appreciate you, man.
DJ Bunny: Yeah, the guy with the mustache, I’m about to cut it off. It’s high maintenance–
Matt: What?
DJ Bunny: It’s very high maintenance, man.
Matt: No, you’ve got to do a Twitter poll or something, man. I don’t know.
DJ Bunny: Well, you know what, all I could tell you, that extra 10 minutes in the morning is rough, man. And the only reason why it’s long like it is now, from my website and my Instagram, I did a video, a little short video and I wanted it to be a part of that. And I was going to cut it off right after, but I’m having a hard time cutting it off, so we’ll see [laughter].
Matt: All right, man. I see your phone blowing up. I know you mentioned you’ve got a text myself coming through. So I appreciate you, man. We’ll go ahead and let you go, but some time in the future let’s do this again.
DJ Bunny: Yes. Any time man, I’m here for you, man.
Matt: Just real quick before you go though, why don’t you go ahead and plug anything you need to plug? Anyone looking for a DJ that can also have fun at the same time?
DJ Bunny: Yes. Well, you know what, if you’re looking for a DJ that does that you want to do and not what he wants to do, I’m your guy. You can reach me at www.djbunny.com. You can get me at social media. It’s Instagram. My Instagram name is my website without the dots. There was a bunch of DJ Bunnies out there. There were some famous DJ Bunnies too, but I own DJ Bunny. So I got lucky. I even promoted it before I bought it. So I got lucky back in the day. But it’s wwwdjbunnycom is my Instagram, and the same for my Facebook. So my number is 909-636-9356. Do you want parts for your Toyota? Shoot me a text. Or if you need a DJ, I’ll come and rock your house.
Matt: I appreciate the time. Ladies and gentlemen, DJ Bunny. Thanks a lot [laughter].


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