There are many advantages to having your Toyota Sienna always be serviced at the service center of one of the Toyota dealerships. So if you want to ensure that your vehicle will be maintained in optimal condition and deliver peak performance, then take your Sienna to a Toyota dealership near you. They are the experts with the right tools, training and experience to handle any type of problem you are having with the vehicle. They will take the guesswork out of servicing your Sienna and prepare it to continue to deliver the type of outstanding performance for which it was designed and manufactured.

Certified Expert Technicians

The service technicians at the Toyota dealerships are specialists who have received advanced training from the manufacturer in how to best keep your Sienna running like new. These highly skilled, certified professionals know the vehicle inside and out. They know exactly what to do to coax even more impressive performance out of your Sienna. While other mechanics may guess and wonder what it takes to keep the Sienna performing at peak efficiency, the technicians at the Toyota dealerships know exactly what to do and when to do it. They receive training, certification and insight to which others don’t have access.

The Right Tools

Properly performing maintenance and repair services on the Sienna requires a specific set of tools and equipment. Toyota dealerships have the specially designed tools in the appropriate sizes to gain access to and improve the functioning of every part of the automobile. While outside mechanics and shops have tools and equipment that ‘might’ work, the tools and equipment at your Toyota dealership are guaranteed to meet the exact tolerances the vehicle requires without disturbing or damaging or parts and structures surrounding it. That can improve the way your Sienna looks, feels and functions.

Authentic Parts

To guarantee that your Sienna will continue to deliver superior performance, it is essential that only genuine Toyota replacement parts are used during servicing and repair. Those parts are manufactured by Toyota, especially for your vehicle. They are the exact size, shape and weight, made out of the ideal materials and have the fasteners and connectors in all the right places. Other shops use aftermarket parts from a variety of sources. While they may appear to fit, they can impair the smooth functioning of your Sienna over time. Don’t take that chance with your vehicle and risk the safety of you and your loved ones.

The Right Products

Your Toyota Sienna runs best when the high-quality oil, antifreeze, brake fluids and other products it requires are used in it. The specially trained technicians at the Toyota dealerships know exactly what those fluids and other products are and that’s what they use in your Sienna. At many automotive shops they add to their profits by using cheap products and charging premium prices. Over time these products degrade the engine, transmission, master cylinder, seals and other parts of your vehicle and leads to preventable problems and expensive repairs. Your vehicle may never be the same again when cheap products are used in it.

Knowledgeable Staff

Not only are the service technicians at Toyota dealership specially trained, they along with the service managers, technical advisors and support staff have specialized knowledge about Toyota automobiles. They can give you unique insights and intimate, accurate, information about your Sienna that can improve its performance, prolong its live and increase its durability and resale value. Having this specially trained staff handling the services and repairs your Sienna needs is an invaluable asset that can improve your ownership experience in many and diverse ways. It’s the Toyota difference.

Valuable Relationships

When you insist on having your Sienna serviced at a Toyota dealership, information will be stored on their system that will provide an accurate, up-to-date picture of the service history of your vehicle. This will enable the dealership staff to perform preventative and timely services on your automobile that will improve its performance and prevent unnecessary problems and breakdowns. The dealership staff will develop a valuable relationship with you and your Sienna that will benefit the durability, reliability, performance of your Sienna and your enjoyment of driving it.

Warrantied Coverage

Another advantage of having all necessary services on your Sienna done at a Toyota dealership is it ensures your manufacturers warranty will not be violated. The dealership will honor your manufacturers warranty and give you all the benefits to which you are entitled. This can include lower prices, guarantees on parts and service and high quality work. Certified dealerships carry Toyota’s name and are held to a higher standard. Plus, customer satisfaction is crucial. The dealership will provide a comfortable atmosphere for the customer, offer you a courtesy car if you need it and do a great job on your Toyota Sienna.